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Month: July 2009

The Valley

The Valley

My little sister Kadie had a baby yesterday. She is sweet, happy and brand new to the world and the apple of her parents’ and grandparents’ eyes. All is well, Mommy and Baby are healthy, Mommy and Daddy are tired, and generally a brand new little family has begun. The Miracle of Life really is a miracle. But here’s why:
Every new baby is brought out of the Valley of the Shadow Of Death.

Human design1 has us built so that it is just barely possible for babies to be born. The babies are just barely small enough, the mommies are just barely strong enough. In older days it was about 50-50 odds that you would lose the mother or the baby in the process. With today’s medicine2 we have gained significant ground, and our losses are much fewer. But it takes a team of three or four doctors and a similar number of nurses all working together to make it happen.

I’m the father of three, and those all three were born healthy and happy.3 But I’m grateful to my angel wife for agreeing to go through it to make our family the happy and wonderful family it is and I’m proud of Kadie for getting through it as well.

  1. intelligent or evolutionary or both. Not the point of this post []
  2. in America with the right insurance []
  3. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary! []
Grad School

Grad School

So, the first hard part is done: I got admitted to grad school at Utah State University. I’m an Aggie! I don’t even know what an Aggie is! But now I am one! Yesss! The emails came, and it was all exciting and everything. I sent in my response1 and was feeling pretty cool. It’s something new! I’m on my way!

And then they send the “here’s what you need to do before you come to school” list. It’s long. And suddenly I’m not so sure that I’m actually ready for this.

But that’s the thing: Life is like that. Things look hardest before you actually do them. Once you actually start doing them, they hard for a while, then they get easier as you get more capable, and then you know what you’re doing, and life is good. It’s the transition from “not doing” to “doing” that is hard to get past.

When I was 16, I would lie in bed and imagine I was laying in bed as a college student, or as a missionary, or as a husband, or a father. I would imagine what my bed would be like, what I would be thinking about, what would keep me awake, what would help me sleep.

Now I’ve been all those things. I’ve slept in the Philippines, Alaska, Utah, Kentucky, and other places, as a missionary, a college student, a husband, a father. And I learned this secret: When you are something, it doesn’t seem “different” or odd; why would it? I’ve been a husband for almost eight years, and it’s how life is: wonderful. I’ve been a father for four; it’s not something new any more. It’s life, and my life is very good. So the lesson is that life gets good once you get used to it.

Yeah, probably not finding it’s way onto a bumper sticker any time soon.

Speaking of finding things, I have yet to find a “tone” for this site. My tone for CANS is easy: Snarky and pro-Apple. C[2]N isn’t that hard either: professional programmer. But here I’m supposed to be me in a medium where (as my Dad puts it) “I can talk to nobody and anybody can listen”. It’s hard to know what to say to the Internet, and more to the point, how to say it. Expect some experiments in writing for the next little while.

And thanks again for dropping by!

  1. along the lines of “Yes, I would like to attend grad school at USU” []
The Life Cycle Of Human Endevor

The Life Cycle Of Human Endevor

There comes a point where it’s time to move on. Things end, and it’s time to move to something new. You start to see that you have nothing left to contribute. So, does this mean that your company needs to die, or that you need to leave the company? No. It just means you need to find someone who can pick up and improve the process you were in charge of and let you do something fresh and move your intelligence and skills to a new problem or process and make it work as well.

Or sometimes it’s time to move on yourself. More than once I have seen people massively improve many lives by moving on. The company they leave improves, because new blood is introduced, and the person who left also becomes new blood.

So what’s the point?

The point is it’s probably time for me to move on. I am getting sick of this place. It’s not that I think the place is inherently terrible, but the combination of me and this place is getting toxic.

So now the scary part. Moving into the rest of the world.

It’s also kinda exciting.

Hello world!

Hello world!

Okay, I finally did it. I moved my personal blog over to WordPress. Because, while the RapidWeaver site was pretty it was no fun to have to be tied to that computer to do my updates.  So now, a grand new world of! Now (Hopefully) with updates!

Why another Blog?

That’s a fair question. I have Coals[2]Newcastle for serious programming stuff, and Crazy Apple News Site for all my silly news I make up about macs.  So why this? Why the sudden narcissism? Do you know how hard that word is to spell?

This blog is for all the stuff that isn’t technology.  I do other things, you know! Things like having kids. Or hiking. Or having kids. Or going to church. Or roleplaying.  So this is for all that stuff.  It’s cleaner than Facebook, more intelligent than Twitter, and just as self-absorbed as either.  So that’s why this is here. Why you are here is anyone’s guess.

Thanks for stopping by, though!