The Valley

The Valley

My little sister Kadie had a baby yesterday. She is sweet, happy and brand new to the world and the apple of her parents’ and grandparents’ eyes. All is well, Mommy and Baby are healthy, Mommy and Daddy are tired, and generally a brand new little family has begun. The Miracle of Life really is a miracle. But here’s why:
Every new baby is brought out of the Valley of the Shadow Of Death.

Human design1 has us built so that it is just barely possible for babies to be born. The babies are just barely small enough, the mommies are just barely strong enough. In older days it was about 50-50 odds that you would lose the mother or the baby in the process. With today’s medicine2 we have gained significant ground, and our losses are much fewer. But it takes a team of three or four doctors and a similar number of nurses all working together to make it happen.

I’m the father of three, and those all three were born healthy and happy.3 But I’m grateful to my angel wife for agreeing to go through it to make our family the happy and wonderful family it is and I’m proud of Kadie for getting through it as well.

  1. intelligent or evolutionary or both. Not the point of this post []
  2. in America with the right insurance []
  3. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary! []

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