Hello world!

Hello world!

Okay, I finally did it. I moved my personal blog over to WordPress. Because, while the RapidWeaver site was pretty it was no fun to have to be tied to that computer to do my updates.  So now, a grand new world of  NateDickson.com! Now (Hopefully) with updates!

Why another Blog?

That’s a fair question. I have Coals[2]Newcastle for serious programming stuff, and Crazy Apple News Site for all my silly news I make up about macs.  So why this? Why the sudden narcissism? Do you know how hard that word is to spell?

This blog is for all the stuff that isn’t technology.  I do other things, you know! Things like having kids. Or hiking. Or having kids. Or going to church. Or roleplaying.  So this is for all that stuff.  It’s cleaner than Facebook, more intelligent than Twitter, and just as self-absorbed as either.  So that’s why this is here. Why you are here is anyone’s guess.

Thanks for stopping by, though!

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